Shadowrun: Fistful of Nuyen

Dec 4 2075 Package pickup for Mr. Cummings

Easton Truck Stop

Marcus contacted Viking and I at the Seamstress Union. Note to self, don’t let yourself be a regular there (anyone can find you). He had a book he wanted us to get. A hymnal of the Pentacost cult. This is all related to the Choirboy gang and the weird ritual they were doing. ( Well maybe) He had a winning bid for it.

We were to meet a Ladislav at Easton Washington. Near the border of Seattle and the NAN on Dec 4th. Weather was shit. Yet we still rode our bikes (on my newly acquired Rapier). Got there with no problem. Viking got us rooms up on the second floor at the truck stop._ (No Id required, heavy security.)Note to self- safe place if I need to lay low.

As we were eating in the diner, Ladislav walked in and greeted us. Everything was going peachy, we got the book and gave him the cred. Then splat, Ladislav’s gray matter was all over Viking.<red> -Not cool. I didn’t see it coming. I should of seen that coming. Oh well life is cheap.</red>

The shooter was in a raised position and shot through a window in the motel. Viking moved to take care of him. I got in Ladislav’s truck to take cover and get closer to our bikes. Turns out they had a lot more guys in the truck stop. They mowed down some UCAS law enforcement officer. Took shots at me. -Escaped mostly unharmed.
Viking took out the shooter making a bit of noise. But we managed to get our stuff and get out of there.

We will have to get the bikes fixed due to the group and attackers. (Just got the bike too)



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