Shadowrun: Fistful of Nuyen

Dec 6th, Friday night rescue

Saving Kara's bacon

Friday night is party night. Salvo was out on the town and the cooler weather didn’t seem to deter any of the citizens of downtown Seattle from celebrating the holiday season. Club Penumbra was hopping as usual. However Salvo wasn’t feeling it. She decided to head home. The same old drek seems stale.

Nothing was the same since she started running jobs for that crazy bike dwarf, Reno Pyatt. There had been a thrill when bullets started flying and using her powers to actually start making a living. She caught a cab to her studio apartment. ~“Will see if Reno can find me a vehicle for the next job.”, she mutters hopefully to herself as she drops her bag and takes off those gods be damned uncomfortable shoes.

“Of course Kara is not here, ugg. Can’t I just have one night not to worry about her.”

Just about that time time here comm rings, Kara is on the screen. “Where you at Kara?”
“Sal, I need you come get me.”
“Kara, just tell the cabbie he can get paid when he gets here.”, Salvo says exhaustedly.
“No, Sal, I am in trouble. You need to come get me. This man says I owe him 3000 Nuyen and he has a gun.”
“Drekking, fragging slitch faced mother fragger. What the hell Kara? Where are you? Ping me your loc.”



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