Shadowrun: Fistful of Nuyen

Nov 30 - Clean-up Gang

Time to go to Chior

So few weeks have gone by, Lagos, fun time. I mean as far as bio-magic hybrid hidden factories under a lake go, it was best time I had in a dirt-ball for a long time, Back home to the cold rain. Itching to get some work when Jen calls up. She has a job, it’s personal and she pays a premium. Some lowlife gang called the Choirboys led by some lower life named Gabriel geeked a metric ton of homeless and Jen wants them to pay. She wants it messy. Take out the leadership and the rest should scatter. Gabriel plus a half dozen chromed up handmaidens.

I hire a couple guys to help me. Chickenstomp, the troll. Unreliable to reach but you know if you get him out, he will take one for the team. Cain buddy just got into town from Paris. Sounds like he had a rough go there. I know I can count of them both so equal splits after expenses.

We follow some leads and find a guy. Supposed reporter, named Marcus Cummings. He drinks real beer, I drink some too. Makes me like him more. He gives up the location of the Choirboys. Wasn’t to hard. Almost free info. That’s bad. nothing is free.

We head to some Cathedral, Eilon I think . We scope it out. McFly does the trick again. Some guards out front, some in the back by the go-gangers bikes. A limo too, with a driver. Seeing that a bit to much these days. Cain, Chicken and I sneak up on the back crew. Silent like the lambs and they are sleeping. Perma-sleep at that.

We look at the bikes. Some are rigged to suicide bomb. WTF. Limo is registered to Xieling too. double WTF. In the back-door.

Some sorta ceremony is going on. Gabriel in-front of a pile of red bloody skulls. Hand Maidens around him, Dopes on balconies.

I sneak to the far balcony and up the steps. Neuro gas dropped. Gas mask keeps me up. The dopes drop. Chickenstomp charges in, frag grenades. Cain adds some to the mix. Couple handmaidens, Gabriel plus a few more dops on the other balcony left.

Gabriel picks up his big sword and starts chopping Chicken. Cain takes out some more handmaidens. I suppress the dopes.

Handmaidens down, Gabriel Down, Chicken nearly down. Dopes running for the hills. Cut Gabriels’ head off and bring it, as instructed, back to Jen.

We get paid. Good night, except those nightmares of bloody skulls.



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