Shadowrun: Fistful of Nuyen

Nov 3rd- The Shoals

We found some intel, leading us to the Lagoon. Specifically a ship ghost junkyard in the center of the lake called “The Shoals” Its a dumping ground for old hulls and hulks, we hired a boat and go check it out. Someone has taken the time to develop this junkyard. There are hidden access points and cameras about. a junkyard base of some sort.

We get onto the Shoals. Disable some cameras, you know Runner stuff. We see another speed boat inbound. Image magnification shows its another team of runners. Seems we ain’t the only ones looking for this bioware lab, or maybe they are a response team sent out to stop us. Not sure, and we don’t care, we move. Fast. Jumping, climbing, hustling through the wrecks.

Collateral takes a fall. thru some old sheet metal into a ships belly knee high in water. No big deal until we hear more splashing. Our boat drive told us of rumors of the denizens of the Shoals that come out in the dark. That ship belly is dark. Collateral climbs out, but now we got waves of Slaad like creatures charging us from a few directions. I find a defensible position and kick over some debris to make makeshift barricades. Shotguns, submachine guns and pistols echo throughout the hulk as we repel wave after wave of these seemingly beserkCollateral creatures. There is to many and Collateral goes down. I race over to him and Stim patch him. He is up. For now. We start to run. Leaving behind a pile of bodies, and a wave of more ready to charge. We get to a vertical tube like structural. It has a door and a maglock. Collateral hacks the panel and we pile in. I secure the door shut. We rig a camera to spy on the runner team following up behind us. Just in case.

Down the tube we go. We find a bulk head with a hall leading into the darkness. Cheap motion sensor lights pop on as we move. We can hear music. Elevator music, or Vegas, whatever they called is back then.

We get to a door. Its cracked 6 inches open. We investigate. Looks like something went through here and the 2 sentry guns beyond failed to stop it. They are in ruins. shell casings everywhere. Another door. We send our covert ops specialist, Valkyrie, through the drop ceiling to by pass the door. she drops down into a massacre. Happened 1-2 days ago. dead scientists everywhere. blood everywhere. We ain’t alone. We push on. Down another elevator. We rig it to lock up at the bottom. slow those trailing runners more.

Another door and we need to Stim Collateral again. Robbing peter to pay Paul, we don’t have a lot of time left to get this done if he is gonna walk out. He drills a hole thru the door and sends a ultrasound sensor in. Freaky stuff, the room is playing back, organic. like a womb. We break in. The walls are covered in all sorts of organic growths. Eyes open and stare blankly at the light spilling in from the door.

Collateral dumps all the data from the research terminal to his deck. Takes some time. We maybe have a 30 minute lead on that other team now. We push on. We are now in the belly of a ship’s cargo hold. A ship at the bottom of the lagoon. Clever way to hide a lab, in an underwater graveyard. We start to move through the hold. On the catwalks above. Below on deck we see all sorts of horrors. Egg like secretions, pod people birthing from pods and more of those slaad like tadpoles scurrying about. We push on

“I want to live” echoes through the old as we approach the far end. We freeze. We must be close. This god dammited spirit infused flesh is going to stop us if we aren’t careful. We find the generator room and start to jury rig it.

“I WANT TO LIVE” shouts the organic oozes on the walls. Lock and load. Gun fire. Wait, that’s not our guns. Its the far end of the deck, probably where the elevator is locked down. The other Runner team is here. this is a stroke of luck, the primeval organice creature has t split its attention. We race down the catwalks. A large tendril unsticks from the wall and slams Collateral. I grab him and pull him up, we run more. fleshy pod people are in pursuit. I manage to deflect their attacks until Collateral drops some sort of greased caltrop trap. Most of them go for a ride. We get to the elevator with only one left in pursuit.

the other runner team is here. Firing at waves of Slaads. We bee-line for the elevator, they haven’t seen us. Valkyrie leads, firing her predator taking 2 runners down. Dammit! Lethal force. Damn rookie. Collateral runs past and into the elevator, disengages the locks to the movement mechanisms. I put some gel round bursts into the final runner. Its not enough.

All 3 of us are in the elevator now. Slaads charging and the final rival runner jumps in holding a frag grenade, dead man switched. Dammit.

“Hold the Elevator” I bellow as Collateral and I race out and grab the two downed runners. Valkyrie provided cover fire. More Slaads on us. Banged and bruised we haul the 2 downed runners in and hit the door. the third runner stands down once I trauma patched one of his comrades. Idiot. My second trauma patch is a tranq and instead of on the second downed runner i use my reflexes to slap it on the last runner standing. He is sleeping. We patch up the remaining runner.

We are topside of the shoals again. Hauling 3 unconsciousness runners with us as we make our way out. We call our boat ride in. The jury rigged explosives in the cargo ship lab at the bottom of the lagoon go off. The Shoals rock and heavy and pull. It’s rather anti climatic. the whole floating mess only shifts about two feet. Collateral assures us the lab at the bottom would not have survived the explosions. We leave.

The Zulu pays us. He lived up to his end of the bargain. We still have the data from the mainframe and about 10 days before our flight home.

I think i am going to go find me a Whiskey.



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