Shadowrun: Fistful of Nuyen

Oct 31 - Lagos bound

big payday across the pond

Jen called and rounded up the team. She has another job.This one is in Lagos, Africa. Pays good. It’s a follow up to what we been working on, that bloody shamanic bioware. Hans still has a lab in Lagos, we gotta find it and give it the scorched earth treatment. Zulu, remember that Nigerian we rescued from Hans? He is our point of contact. We take care of some personal business before jumping on the plane. Was nice to see my daughter, was nice to have some creds for once.

We land in Lagos, and get assimilated. Staying on a colonial plantation owned by The Zulu. We take a day to get settled in. and old friend arrives, Meangrim. I know him from when he was a combat biker and shared some drinking stories with him.

Here is what we know. Hans had a lover, Doctor Gunter Vice. The good doc has a soft spot and been runnning a med clinic in the Oda barrens. He has a soft spot for some vices, namely heroine and he cooks heroine for the local gang, The 99ers, in return for protection for the clinic. He might be our best lead to find out what Hans was up too.

We head into town, find a club, and make a show of ourselves. Throw some creds around, the club host sets us up with some bottle service, some girls and some heroine. We may need that for later, depending on our dealings with Gunter. We learn more about the 99’s. They are a big gang, covers the entire barrens, operate in cells. Meangrim notices someone watching us. We make a distraction while Collateral hacks his comm. He is onto us, but nothing gets ugly. Turns out he is a reporter. He was just making observations, still, can’t have that, so we promise him a story to keep us out of it. Turns out he knows Gunter too. He takes us to his clinic.

The clinic is packed, but there is no Gunter, his fellow doctor, a razered up women named Alex tells us he is at the local flophouse high as a kite. She asks us to bring him back in one piece. We do. but not before we get the info we need out of him. Hans has been gone for 5 weeks, Gunter has no idea where he is, we don’t tell him we geeked him already. He has some files of Hans in his desk drawer. We grab them.

Something strange happens at the clinic. In the alley at the back door. a mob appears, catatonic, like some god damned zombie film. I find a roof access. To many innocents here to start a fight. We flee tot he roof tops. the mob is 30+ strong now and moaning some unintelligible chant. Moments later a few trucks with .50 cal show up. 45 seconds later the mob is dead and another truck pulls up. It’s the 99ers and they are loading the bodies into the truck box. Collateral sneaks down the fire escape, drops a stealth tag on pile of bodies. At elast we know where they are going.

The 99ers leave, so do we. Back to the plantation. We crash a social party of The Zulu’s. Collateral does his magic, the Stealth tag lead to the Lagoon. That matches Gunters story of where Hans lab might be. He also puts togethe rour video footage and makes something out of that zombie mobs moaning chant.

“I Want to Live”



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