Shadowrun: Fistful of Nuyen

October 26b 2075, Bio-ware Blood eagles

Viking gets a new crew and wraps up the 1st mission.

With the Zulu in hand, my commlink chirps. It’s Jen. Change of plans. Bumps and Ohaga are reassigned. WTF is this chickenshit organization? A test maybe. Jen musta set me up to see how i would handle the pressure. I guess i am meeting me real team in a Van down the street. I don’t like being played like this, but i need the money. I keep my balaclava on as I drag The Zulu by his collar with me. Walking away from the junk-yard, with some sleeping Halloweeners and a couple of dead trolls, one by a cortex bomb it seems, also one dead German handler named Hans. Like a scene straight out of those CSI -trids. Probably enough clues around to find us, thankfully it’s the Barrens and no one will come looking.

I get in the van. Meet my new team. An Ork…says he is just the ride. A dwarf, decker, vet of the euro-wars, seems stand up, name is Collateral, and an elf woman, she doesn’t give a name.

The interrogation of The Zulu goes fast. He spills the beans. Hans was a partner of his, they dealt in bioware R&D, only something went bad. Real bad. the The Zulu and other partners closed the operation down. Hans didn’t. He bounced from Africa to Seattle and set up shop, to continue his work. The Zulu came to tell him to stop. We stopped Hans for him, and will put an end to his underground clinic.

We know where it is now. Abandoned 4 story building not to far from my apartment, Will making getting outta there easier, I hope. I still got no ride cause the Ork leaves us. Takes the Zulu with him, has my blessing, no need for the Zulu to die, he didn’t see my face and looks to be one of the good guys. He gave me his card. cute. Wait. Might need it, I could use more creds.

We case the joint. Seems our decker found some hidden BTL stream going on. My thermal eyes found 1 ground floor unit lit up like a Christmas tree, rest of building seems dark. My drone scopes the perimeter, nothing. The Elf scales to the roof. I follow, but she is fast. I get there and she is already at the roof access door. She starts to open it. I stop her. Tripwire. Before I can say anything she has a knife out and cuts the wire.



I get up, dust myself off. Amateur. looks like we found an IED could have been deadly, but it wasn’t. So much for stealth. We head down the stairwells.

Bottom floor 2 guards. Our decker informs us he has engaged a spider. The fire-fight is short and deadly. both guards taken out. Me and elf continue into the chop shop, Collateral has chased off the spider. Two points of entry. We breach together and find no resistance.

An incubator type set up. That’s what lit up my thermographics. Five zoned out junkies waving back and forth around the perimeter of the room. One lying on the floor convulsing. Collateral tells us that’s his work. He changed their BTL streams to happy happy joy joy land. They are no longer a threat. I look to the centre of the room.

My god what is that. It looks like some sort of Lilac of flesh coming from the torso of a humanoid on the table. I call it a Blood eagle and the elf girl speaks up finally. Her name is Valkyrie. Guess it took a Norse reference before she trusted me, like my name wasn’t enough.

I circle the room, shotgun trained on the blood eagle. It moves and tracks me. This is the mad magical bioware experiment The Zulu told us about. it has to be destroyed. It consumes the host. Collateral wires up the room. Gonna burn this place down. make it look like an electric fire. Me and the Elf drag the catatonics out of the clinic. If they are like the trolls from the junk yard they are controlled by the BTLs. Valkyrie notes recent surgery at the base of there skulls. Cortex bombs. Well, we don’t know what triggers it, but sure as hell can’t leave em in the clinic when we raze it .They are junkies not soldiers and they don’t deserve this.

Collateral is ready to raze the joint, but last step, he checks the terminal in the room. It had a live feed of the room sending to the matrix, Dammit. that should have been point one on the list when we entered. Lucky I am wearing my gas mask. No one will see my face.

the dwarf scorches the terminal. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM…6 cortex bombs go off in sequence. Well, we tried. Nothing left here. I put 3 slugs into the blood eagle, and Collateral torches the joint.

I walk back to the union. The job is done. I get paid.



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