Shadowrun: Fistful of Nuyen

Personal Business

A favour for your fixer

Surveillance log #0422 Agent ‘Shambler’

Subject designate: Viking

Communication interception – Text only, content follows:

Viking, from what I heard you and your team handled that mess in Africa as efficiently as could be expected. The client is happy, I’m happy, everybody’s happy.

I have something for you, if you’re interested. I need a small team to locate the squat of a gang calling themselves “the Choirboys”, small outfit here in Seattle, bigger on the East Coast, but that’s not your problem.

Once you know where they’ve been stashing themselves during the day I want them wiped out. Specifically I want their leader “Gabriel” dead.

This is a head-hunt, literally. He fucked with one of my friends and I want an example made of him. The rest of the gang doesn’t have to be exterminated, but I want their operations crippled.

Here’s 5,000 right now, another 10k on completion. Paydata on Choirboy operations is negotiable, but I will offer a premium for first-look, exclusive intel. I can provide some post-action coverage in terms of cleanup and legal if necessary.

I know they’re based in the Barrens, and my info suggests that there are about 2 dozen of them. of those only a handful sport chrome, but I have no further info on them. They’re pretty much Go-Gangers with delusions of grandeur.

Fuck them up, be messy if you have to.


-Text Ends





Personal Business

Following items from the run:
Sword (Foci)
Damaged Xieling Combat Armour
FN HAR x 3
Ares Predators x 6
Yamaha Rapier x 1
Drone data – sold to Jen
Bike IED’s – sold to Jen
Xieling connection – sold to Jen

Personal Business

Viking will reach out to his Fixer contact about getting costs to Scrub the rapier for Cain, setting the guns, and getting the combat armour fixed for himself.

Cain = Yamaha?
Viking = Armour?
Chickenstomp = sword?

seems fair? I have 1000 nuyen in escrow still from the run, does the sale of the guns plus that 1000 cover the armor and bike scrubs/repairs?

Personal Business

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