Sara "Ase" Jokela

Elven Solo.


Ethnicity: Scandinavian (Finnish) elf
Age: 26
Hair: Naturally blonde, Dyed “Joker” green (for now keeps changing, Black, Freon blue.etc), long & braided one side, shaved short on other.
Eyes Naturally blue, contacts are vibrant green.
Build Slim
Distinguishing features:
Full obvious smooth metallic “sky” blue with Chrome wires and fittings at joints. Cyberarm. White stylized decals “Quick-shift” along the arm.

Ase is cold and all business. years on the streets and everything she has loved and lost have taken there toll on her soul. She often uses her lack of fluent English and heavy Finnish accent as diversion to feign ignorance or lack of understanding while she sizes up the situation. She is not an open book or known to be an easy read beyond professionalism on the job. If you are on Ase’s good side, she is loyal but don’t ever cross her, she won’t forget. While she has boarded up her feelings and thrown the key away, a chance to hurt the Russian mob is always a nice treat, but even then she wants a pay-day out of the deal.

Most Valued possession
Ase always wears a tarnished silver necklace and locket with an old photo from her parents wedding day.



2054 Mets Jeffs Char in the Pits?


Ase continues to establish herself as a transporter within the Pits, continues to use the nuyen earned to upgrade her cyberarm (now with shock hand and spurs!) and Synaptic enhancers (Speed kills!)

Ase starts to feel the long term side effects of the Toxic spill that killed Quick-shift and forever changed her own physical body. Beyond barricading her emotions up tight, she starts to feel weakened physically. Sickness ravages her throughout the year and she spends much of her time fighting virus after virus. In the later half of the year she has recovered and is back working for Papa Jenko and Backspace.

Ase continues to run jobs for Papa Jenko but slowly distances herself more and more from the gang-proper. Papa Jenko doesn’t resist her distance, and in fact lets her pretty much walk away from active duty within the gang. She meets Backspace, a smuggler, and does odd jobs for him, gets bioware hook up as part of the deals. She refuses to get to close and starts to keep her “eye on the prize” more. The prize being more nuyen, more gear, more prestige.

While on a “special assignment” for a Johnson to the Go-gang, Quick-shift and Ase are double crossed on the pick up. A high speed chase ensues ending in tragedy with a toxic waste truck jack knifing in a collision and killing Quick-Shift. Ase survives on her bike but not unscathed, the toxic sludge from the containment vessels is acidic and the burns on her left arm are so severe amputation is the only option. A grieving Papa Jenko had connections to ensure she was given the utmost treatment and commits a small fortune to making sure Ase has a proper cyberarm replacement. With Quick-shift dead, he views Ase as his only family left. Ase on now made whole again physically is suffering from a new hole in her heart she hadn’t felt since she first escaped and abandoned her family in Terminal.

As Quick-Shift and Ase continue to grow closer, Papa Jenko, begins to treat Ase as a daughter and looking out for her. Quick-shift and Ase have established themselves within the Blitz-cranks as the premier “special assignments” team.

While doing special assignments for the Blitz-cranks Ase meets Lucas “Quick-shift” Jenko, son of Blitz-cranks leader Papa Jenko. They fall in love.

Ase escapes Terminal and moves to The Pits. Go-Gang, the Blitz-cranks, befriends her. Sara picks a street name. Ase. an acronym after her brothers and sisters. *A*nton*S*ade*E*lias.

Arrived in Terminal, NYC. Russian Mob forces Jokela family to “pay off their debt” indenturing the family to their service. Ansa is forced to work in BTL sweatshops, Mikael is held hostage to ensure family cooperation. Anton is killed resisting and to make an example. Sade is sold into prostitution. Elias is young enough to be brainwashed into the new “family” Sara, age 16, manages a daring escape before she too would be sold to Prostitution. Leaving her family behind and becoming a street kid. Her father pays the price and is blinded as retaliation. “You will never see your family again” he becomes a chiphead addict from the very chips his wife now is forced to make.

Jokela family makes contact with a refugee help organization that helps them “immigrate” to UCAS for a hefty sum (life savings.) They erase the SINS of all family members and load them onto refugee boats that are barely serviceable and packed like sardines. Unbeknownst to the Jokela family, the organization helping them escape Europe is the Russian mob and the immigration was not legal but Meta-Human trafficking.

2042 After 12 years of nomadic life the Jokela family starts looking for a way to leave Europe.

Eurowar II Northern forces sweep downward causing further upheaval in Europe.

2033 Eurowar I ends. Conditions for those displaced during the war are harsh and no homes to return to. Jokela family continues to survive a nomadic life.

Younger brother, Elias, born

2030 Eurowar I, Russia invades parts of Europe and as the rest of Europe mobilizes the Jokela family is forced to abandon the family homestead and take up nomadic life bouncing from Refugee camp to camp, from country to country.

Sara Jokela born. A 3rd Child to Scandinavian (Finnish) elves Ansa and Mikael Jokela. Older Brother Anton and older sister Sade.

Papa Jenko – Go-gang Leader
Hispanic Male, Mid 40’s, long black hair, crazy neon contacts, dresses in last years high fashions. Intellectual and spiritual. Treats Ase as a Foster father would. connection 2, Loyalty 4

Backspace – Smuggler
Hawaiian male, early 30’s, Hair dyed with multi coloured stripes, nose ring, Jump suits. Shy and secretive. Ase has done odd jobs for him in the past, moving goods around. Connection 4, Loyalty 2.

Sara "Ase" Jokela

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