Street scum decker with a bad rep


Nick: Well-spoken, obviously educated, but church-mouse poor. He pretty obviously didn’t grow up in the Barrens, but nothing about his voice or his style give away much about his past.

Average height, average build, dirty blonde hair. Dressed in his signature dress shirt, tie and overcoat Nick looks like he could be any office drone slumming his way through Seattle’s darker neighbourhoods. Except that he carries himself like he belongs there, like gunfire and the constant threat of violence are incidental.


Nick hasn’t been on the scene long, and his entry to it wasn’t a good one. He started out in New York but found his way to Seattle after something went wrong: According to word on the street he screwed the pooch big-time on what was supposed to be a milk-run, missed some sort of security alarm. What was supposed to be a simple infiltrate and swipe for some premium pay-data turned into a bloodbath. Four runners, half a dozen security personnel and a couple of civilians end up dead, Nick was the only one to make it out. Needless to say a reputation for that kind of carelessness didn’t earn him a lot of street-cred. Worse still, some folks say that they think he might have offed the team himself, but no one’s ever been able to come up with a reason that he would have done it.

Nick is slowly building a better reputation though, clean runs, minimal bloodshed. He seems to prefer to work around his opposition rather than resorting to strong-arm tactics when he can. It would be a mistake to consider him a pacifist however, that Warhawk he carries has seen some effective use since he dropped onto the Seattle scene.

Career Karma 59
Current Lifestyle – Low

Aliases – Hans Gruber (Level 3 fake SIN) Freelance insurance adjuster


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