Rugged ex-SAS down on his luck and in the shadows


Shaved head, brunette beard, slightly greying, hardened eyes and rugged features. 34 years old. Right arm full sleeve Japanese tattoo of dragon exploding out of water. Lean wiry frame. Yggdrassil tattoo on left side of the neck. Wears a black toque, wool sweater, cargo pants and steel toed work boots.


Born in Ireland Joined the SAS and was medically discharged after an op gone wrong and suffering Post traumatic stress syndrome. Moved to Seattle to be close to his kid after his marriage failed. Been working odd jobs to make ends meet, last job was at the docks…until he was fired for apparently beating the living hell out of his boss…something he doesn’t remember doing at all…time to run the shadows to make us of his limited skills and pay some bills.

Total earned karma: 29


Shadowrun: Fistful of Nuyen sharkfin6