Data Disc from Loomis

Carrion Sessions'048 JB


This small obsolete tech mini disc reads “Carrion Sessions ’48 JB” on one line and “For Enlightenment seek out absent friends” on another


You were hired to retrieve this disc from a Mr. Johnson. You stole Nabo’s commlink to get his email to a decker named Zipper. Interrogating Zipper peacefully you learned a man name Loomis had the disc. You tracked down Loomis and forcefully removed the disc from his possession as a unknown swat team showed up on scene looking for it as well. Having secured the data disc, you have called the Mr. Johnson and set up a meeting…however Nabo’s agent has called you demanding the disc, offering 2x your rate for it.

The disc was returned, as contracted, to Mr. Joules and a reward of an extra 5k Nuyen was received to make total payout for the job 10k

Data Disc from Loomis

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