The year is 2075, and after a long hiatus, the world of Shadowrun has returned. Magic in it’s nature cycles has returned to the lands. Elves, Dwarves, Orks and Trolls have reappeared within the ranks of Humanity. Mega-corps and Dragons hold more power then any single government. Your team is SINless. you operate in the shadows, between the lines of good and evil, right and wrong. Your destiny and mark upon this new landscape is for you to decide.

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This campaign page is not for one single game. If everything goes to my plans, it will be a mix of some simple play by mail stuff as well as some in person sessions. If we can get really going on it I will even try some virtual tabletop sessions.

For play by email stuff I am assuming a lot of Legwork and equipment buying etc could happen via this portal.

The pool of players can be large and not every player needs to be involved in every single scenario happening.

Please input your characters general description, Char portrait and list all your advantages and disadvantages so I can incorporate those into the sessions.

Shadowrun: Fistful of Nuyen

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