Shadowrun: Fistful of Nuyen

Dec 6th, Friday night rescue
Saving Kara's bacon

Friday night is party night. Salvo was out on the town and the cooler weather didn’t seem to deter any of the citizens of downtown Seattle from celebrating the holiday season. Club Penumbra was hopping as usual. However Salvo wasn’t feeling it. She decided to head home. The same old drek seems stale.

Nothing was the same since she started running jobs for that crazy bike dwarf, Reno Pyatt. There had been a thrill when bullets started flying and using her powers to actually start making a living. She caught a cab to her studio apartment. ~“Will see if Reno can find me a vehicle for the next job.”, she mutters hopefully to herself as she drops her bag and takes off those gods be damned uncomfortable shoes.

“Of course Kara is not here, ugg. Can’t I just have one night not to worry about her.”

Just about that time time here comm rings, Kara is on the screen. “Where you at Kara?”
“Sal, I need you come get me.”
“Kara, just tell the cabbie he can get paid when he gets here.”, Salvo says exhaustedly.
“No, Sal, I am in trouble. You need to come get me. This man says I owe him 3000 Nuyen and he has a gun.”
“Drekking, fragging slitch faced mother fragger. What the hell Kara? Where are you? Ping me your loc.”

Dec 4 2075 Package pickup for Mr. Cummings
Easton Truck Stop

Marcus contacted Viking and I at the Seamstress Union. Note to self, don’t let yourself be a regular there (anyone can find you). He had a book he wanted us to get. A hymnal of the Pentacost cult. This is all related to the Choirboy gang and the weird ritual they were doing. ( Well maybe) He had a winning bid for it.

We were to meet a Ladislav at Easton Washington. Near the border of Seattle and the NAN on Dec 4th. Weather was shit. Yet we still rode our bikes (on my newly acquired Rapier). Got there with no problem. Viking got us rooms up on the second floor at the truck stop._ (No Id required, heavy security.)Note to self- safe place if I need to lay low.

As we were eating in the diner, Ladislav walked in and greeted us. Everything was going peachy, we got the book and gave him the cred. Then splat, Ladislav’s gray matter was all over Viking.<red> -Not cool. I didn’t see it coming. I should of seen that coming. Oh well life is cheap.</red>

The shooter was in a raised position and shot through a window in the motel. Viking moved to take care of him. I got in Ladislav’s truck to take cover and get closer to our bikes. Turns out they had a lot more guys in the truck stop. They mowed down some UCAS law enforcement officer. Took shots at me. -Escaped mostly unharmed.
Viking took out the shooter making a bit of noise. But we managed to get our stuff and get out of there.

We will have to get the bikes fixed due to the group and attackers. (Just got the bike too)

Nov 30 - Clean-up Gang
Time to go to Chior

So few weeks have gone by, Lagos, fun time. I mean as far as bio-magic hybrid hidden factories under a lake go, it was best time I had in a dirt-ball for a long time, Back home to the cold rain. Itching to get some work when Jen calls up. She has a job, it’s personal and she pays a premium. Some lowlife gang called the Choirboys led by some lower life named Gabriel geeked a metric ton of homeless and Jen wants them to pay. She wants it messy. Take out the leadership and the rest should scatter. Gabriel plus a half dozen chromed up handmaidens.

I hire a couple guys to help me. Chickenstomp, the troll. Unreliable to reach but you know if you get him out, he will take one for the team. Cain buddy just got into town from Paris. Sounds like he had a rough go there. I know I can count of them both so equal splits after expenses.

We follow some leads and find a guy. Supposed reporter, named Marcus Cummings. He drinks real beer, I drink some too. Makes me like him more. He gives up the location of the Choirboys. Wasn’t to hard. Almost free info. That’s bad. nothing is free.

We head to some Cathedral, Eilon I think . We scope it out. McFly does the trick again. Some guards out front, some in the back by the go-gangers bikes. A limo too, with a driver. Seeing that a bit to much these days. Cain, Chicken and I sneak up on the back crew. Silent like the lambs and they are sleeping. Perma-sleep at that.

We look at the bikes. Some are rigged to suicide bomb. WTF. Limo is registered to Xieling too. double WTF. In the back-door.

Some sorta ceremony is going on. Gabriel in-front of a pile of red bloody skulls. Hand Maidens around him, Dopes on balconies.

I sneak to the far balcony and up the steps. Neuro gas dropped. Gas mask keeps me up. The dopes drop. Chickenstomp charges in, frag grenades. Cain adds some to the mix. Couple handmaidens, Gabriel plus a few more dops on the other balcony left.

Gabriel picks up his big sword and starts chopping Chicken. Cain takes out some more handmaidens. I suppress the dopes.

Handmaidens down, Gabriel Down, Chicken nearly down. Dopes running for the hills. Cut Gabriels’ head off and bring it, as instructed, back to Jen.

We get paid. Good night, except those nightmares of bloody skulls.

Personal Business
A favour for your fixer

Surveillance log #0422 Agent ‘Shambler’

Subject designate: Viking

Communication interception – Text only, content follows:

Viking, from what I heard you and your team handled that mess in Africa as efficiently as could be expected. The client is happy, I’m happy, everybody’s happy.

I have something for you, if you’re interested. I need a small team to locate the squat of a gang calling themselves “the Choirboys”, small outfit here in Seattle, bigger on the East Coast, but that’s not your problem.

Once you know where they’ve been stashing themselves during the day I want them wiped out. Specifically I want their leader “Gabriel” dead.

This is a head-hunt, literally. He fucked with one of my friends and I want an example made of him. The rest of the gang doesn’t have to be exterminated, but I want their operations crippled.

Here’s 5,000 right now, another 10k on completion. Paydata on Choirboy operations is negotiable, but I will offer a premium for first-look, exclusive intel. I can provide some post-action coverage in terms of cleanup and legal if necessary.

I know they’re based in the Barrens, and my info suggests that there are about 2 dozen of them. of those only a handful sport chrome, but I have no further info on them. They’re pretty much Go-Gangers with delusions of grandeur.

Fuck them up, be messy if you have to.


-Text Ends


Nov 3rd- The Shoals

We found some intel, leading us to the Lagoon. Specifically a ship ghost junkyard in the center of the lake called “The Shoals” Its a dumping ground for old hulls and hulks, we hired a boat and go check it out. Someone has taken the time to develop this junkyard. There are hidden access points and cameras about. a junkyard base of some sort.

We get onto the Shoals. Disable some cameras, you know Runner stuff. We see another speed boat inbound. Image magnification shows its another team of runners. Seems we ain’t the only ones looking for this bioware lab, or maybe they are a response team sent out to stop us. Not sure, and we don’t care, we move. Fast. Jumping, climbing, hustling through the wrecks.

Collateral takes a fall. thru some old sheet metal into a ships belly knee high in water. No big deal until we hear more splashing. Our boat drive told us of rumors of the denizens of the Shoals that come out in the dark. That ship belly is dark. Collateral climbs out, but now we got waves of Slaad like creatures charging us from a few directions. I find a defensible position and kick over some debris to make makeshift barricades. Shotguns, submachine guns and pistols echo throughout the hulk as we repel wave after wave of these seemingly beserkCollateral creatures. There is to many and Collateral goes down. I race over to him and Stim patch him. He is up. For now. We start to run. Leaving behind a pile of bodies, and a wave of more ready to charge. We get to a vertical tube like structural. It has a door and a maglock. Collateral hacks the panel and we pile in. I secure the door shut. We rig a camera to spy on the runner team following up behind us. Just in case.

Down the tube we go. We find a bulk head with a hall leading into the darkness. Cheap motion sensor lights pop on as we move. We can hear music. Elevator music, or Vegas, whatever they called is back then.

We get to a door. Its cracked 6 inches open. We investigate. Looks like something went through here and the 2 sentry guns beyond failed to stop it. They are in ruins. shell casings everywhere. Another door. We send our covert ops specialist, Valkyrie, through the drop ceiling to by pass the door. she drops down into a massacre. Happened 1-2 days ago. dead scientists everywhere. blood everywhere. We ain’t alone. We push on. Down another elevator. We rig it to lock up at the bottom. slow those trailing runners more.

Another door and we need to Stim Collateral again. Robbing peter to pay Paul, we don’t have a lot of time left to get this done if he is gonna walk out. He drills a hole thru the door and sends a ultrasound sensor in. Freaky stuff, the room is playing back, organic. like a womb. We break in. The walls are covered in all sorts of organic growths. Eyes open and stare blankly at the light spilling in from the door.

Collateral dumps all the data from the research terminal to his deck. Takes some time. We maybe have a 30 minute lead on that other team now. We push on. We are now in the belly of a ship’s cargo hold. A ship at the bottom of the lagoon. Clever way to hide a lab, in an underwater graveyard. We start to move through the hold. On the catwalks above. Below on deck we see all sorts of horrors. Egg like secretions, pod people birthing from pods and more of those slaad like tadpoles scurrying about. We push on

“I want to live” echoes through the old as we approach the far end. We freeze. We must be close. This god dammited spirit infused flesh is going to stop us if we aren’t careful. We find the generator room and start to jury rig it.

“I WANT TO LIVE” shouts the organic oozes on the walls. Lock and load. Gun fire. Wait, that’s not our guns. Its the far end of the deck, probably where the elevator is locked down. The other Runner team is here. this is a stroke of luck, the primeval organice creature has t split its attention. We race down the catwalks. A large tendril unsticks from the wall and slams Collateral. I grab him and pull him up, we run more. fleshy pod people are in pursuit. I manage to deflect their attacks until Collateral drops some sort of greased caltrop trap. Most of them go for a ride. We get to the elevator with only one left in pursuit.

the other runner team is here. Firing at waves of Slaads. We bee-line for the elevator, they haven’t seen us. Valkyrie leads, firing her predator taking 2 runners down. Dammit! Lethal force. Damn rookie. Collateral runs past and into the elevator, disengages the locks to the movement mechanisms. I put some gel round bursts into the final runner. Its not enough.

All 3 of us are in the elevator now. Slaads charging and the final rival runner jumps in holding a frag grenade, dead man switched. Dammit.

“Hold the Elevator” I bellow as Collateral and I race out and grab the two downed runners. Valkyrie provided cover fire. More Slaads on us. Banged and bruised we haul the 2 downed runners in and hit the door. the third runner stands down once I trauma patched one of his comrades. Idiot. My second trauma patch is a tranq and instead of on the second downed runner i use my reflexes to slap it on the last runner standing. He is sleeping. We patch up the remaining runner.

We are topside of the shoals again. Hauling 3 unconsciousness runners with us as we make our way out. We call our boat ride in. The jury rigged explosives in the cargo ship lab at the bottom of the lagoon go off. The Shoals rock and heavy and pull. It’s rather anti climatic. the whole floating mess only shifts about two feet. Collateral assures us the lab at the bottom would not have survived the explosions. We leave.

The Zulu pays us. He lived up to his end of the bargain. We still have the data from the mainframe and about 10 days before our flight home.

I think i am going to go find me a Whiskey.

Oct 31 - Lagos bound
big payday across the pond

Jen called and rounded up the team. She has another job.This one is in Lagos, Africa. Pays good. It’s a follow up to what we been working on, that bloody shamanic bioware. Hans still has a lab in Lagos, we gotta find it and give it the scorched earth treatment. Zulu, remember that Nigerian we rescued from Hans? He is our point of contact. We take care of some personal business before jumping on the plane. Was nice to see my daughter, was nice to have some creds for once.

We land in Lagos, and get assimilated. Staying on a colonial plantation owned by The Zulu. We take a day to get settled in. and old friend arrives, Meangrim. I know him from when he was a combat biker and shared some drinking stories with him.

Here is what we know. Hans had a lover, Doctor Gunter Vice. The good doc has a soft spot and been runnning a med clinic in the Oda barrens. He has a soft spot for some vices, namely heroine and he cooks heroine for the local gang, The 99ers, in return for protection for the clinic. He might be our best lead to find out what Hans was up too.

We head into town, find a club, and make a show of ourselves. Throw some creds around, the club host sets us up with some bottle service, some girls and some heroine. We may need that for later, depending on our dealings with Gunter. We learn more about the 99’s. They are a big gang, covers the entire barrens, operate in cells. Meangrim notices someone watching us. We make a distraction while Collateral hacks his comm. He is onto us, but nothing gets ugly. Turns out he is a reporter. He was just making observations, still, can’t have that, so we promise him a story to keep us out of it. Turns out he knows Gunter too. He takes us to his clinic.

The clinic is packed, but there is no Gunter, his fellow doctor, a razered up women named Alex tells us he is at the local flophouse high as a kite. She asks us to bring him back in one piece. We do. but not before we get the info we need out of him. Hans has been gone for 5 weeks, Gunter has no idea where he is, we don’t tell him we geeked him already. He has some files of Hans in his desk drawer. We grab them.

Something strange happens at the clinic. In the alley at the back door. a mob appears, catatonic, like some god damned zombie film. I find a roof access. To many innocents here to start a fight. We flee tot he roof tops. the mob is 30+ strong now and moaning some unintelligible chant. Moments later a few trucks with .50 cal show up. 45 seconds later the mob is dead and another truck pulls up. It’s the 99ers and they are loading the bodies into the truck box. Collateral sneaks down the fire escape, drops a stealth tag on pile of bodies. At elast we know where they are going.

The 99ers leave, so do we. Back to the plantation. We crash a social party of The Zulu’s. Collateral does his magic, the Stealth tag lead to the Lagoon. That matches Gunters story of where Hans lab might be. He also puts togethe rour video footage and makes something out of that zombie mobs moaning chant.

“I Want to Live”

October 29 - Short notice Wetworks
Viking, Collateral and Chickenstomp

Got a buzz from Jen. She had some fast creds for us, but mission had to be done tonight. Met her at the union. Collateral walked in, ran with him a few days ago, it went well. A huge troll walks in too, Chickenstomp the jury is out on this one.

Jen hires us to do some wetworks. Some Brazllian named Ral Bastistae has to die. I ask why and get told not to ask. So he dies tonight, but not until he makes some conference call from a corporate office down town tonight at midnight. That’s the deal. We get paid 3000 Nuyen each plus 5000 more to split if we get his commlink. Life is cheap.

We have his itinerary. He makes the call at midnight, about 1am he heads to the parkade with his escort and drives from down-town Seattle to the outskirts of town, to Tiger Transit’s private airstrip.

We only get one shot at him, and with the team Jen scrambled together on short notice. we decide to take him out at the parkade.

I get there first, find a blind spot to the exterior cameras and park my bike. Send my little drone out for a tour. Couple rent-a-cops on the main level lobby. 3 level atrium. Offices above, 30 stories of them. I find the side door as Collateral and Chickenstomp arrive.

Collateral picks the lock and we go down to P1. I get a dumb idea. I’ll walk around the parkade in my suit pretending I am chatting on a commlink and idling wandering around. Dumb idea. Doesn’t work. one of the Rent-a-cops from upstairs comes to investigate. Even dumber idea, Chickenstomp clocks him to next week.

We grab his RFID’s and commlink, zip tie and dispose of the unconscious guard outside in a dumpster. HE will be fine, but this will not go unnoticed. So much for scouting the parkade. I send out my drone again. I hope the building doesn’t have a spider active, I ain’t no rigger, just some guy with a commlink and a bug drone.

Second floor, There is the the get away car, and a driver. Smoking and bored, playing angry birds or something on his commlink.

Third floor, empty

Fourth Floor, Empty

Fifth Floor, unmarked van. This is likely the security detail we were warned about. No life signs about, so Collateral takes care of the van for us. Bricks it. They shouldn’t be able to respond quick.

I head to the second floor, sneak between the cameras and get as close to the driver as I can.

Chickenstomp goes upstairs, this one is about as subtle as the titanic in harbour. He clocks the second security guard and comes back down. At least no one is watching the cameras.

Collateral has snuck back up to the second floor now, he is opposite of me and the driver. He whistles, the guard looks, I roll in a Neuro-stun grenade. Surprise.

ZZZZ Guard is out. I put my balaclava on and assume the guards position. My back to the camera, if anyone looks they shouldn’t be able to tell the diff at a glance.

30 minutes buzz by. The other two are camped by the elevator. They are going to make spaghetti of anyone in elevator with a frag grenade.

12:48, the elevator is coming down. I hope its him, because Chickenstomp doesn’t bother to look and as soon as the doors open rolls the frag in.

I turn to face with my Franchi-Spas out and ready. We are to slow. A blur emerges from the elevator as the ’nade rolls in. Hand spurs pop out and he streaks at me screaming “Assassins!” He is on me before I can blink, I back pedal and the old training takes over, I dodge his swipe.

The grenade goes off, his security detail wasn’t as fast and are spaghetti. Collateral fires into Ral’s back with his shotgun. He hits but the Brazilian swipes at me again, this time I manage to level my shotgun on him first. I unload a burst into his chest. He staggers back a bit, then finishes his follow up swipe at me. I manage to use the parkade column as cover to block the attack.

A few more tense seconds go by and 3 on 1. We put Ral down. I am fine. We are all fine. I grab the commlink and start the sedan. We all pile in and I get us street side. Job is done, we split up and meet back at the union.

Get paid. Finally making some headway, might have enough creds to pay rent even. Wonder what that Brazilian did to deserve tonight…

October 26b 2075, Bio-ware Blood eagles
Viking gets a new crew and wraps up the 1st mission.

With the Zulu in hand, my commlink chirps. It’s Jen. Change of plans. Bumps and Ohaga are reassigned. WTF is this chickenshit organization? A test maybe. Jen musta set me up to see how i would handle the pressure. I guess i am meeting me real team in a Van down the street. I don’t like being played like this, but i need the money. I keep my balaclava on as I drag The Zulu by his collar with me. Walking away from the junk-yard, with some sleeping Halloweeners and a couple of dead trolls, one by a cortex bomb it seems, also one dead German handler named Hans. Like a scene straight out of those CSI -trids. Probably enough clues around to find us, thankfully it’s the Barrens and no one will come looking.

I get in the van. Meet my new team. An Ork…says he is just the ride. A dwarf, decker, vet of the euro-wars, seems stand up, name is Collateral, and an elf woman, she doesn’t give a name.

The interrogation of The Zulu goes fast. He spills the beans. Hans was a partner of his, they dealt in bioware R&D, only something went bad. Real bad. the The Zulu and other partners closed the operation down. Hans didn’t. He bounced from Africa to Seattle and set up shop, to continue his work. The Zulu came to tell him to stop. We stopped Hans for him, and will put an end to his underground clinic.

We know where it is now. Abandoned 4 story building not to far from my apartment, Will making getting outta there easier, I hope. I still got no ride cause the Ork leaves us. Takes the Zulu with him, has my blessing, no need for the Zulu to die, he didn’t see my face and looks to be one of the good guys. He gave me his card. cute. Wait. Might need it, I could use more creds.

We case the joint. Seems our decker found some hidden BTL stream going on. My thermal eyes found 1 ground floor unit lit up like a Christmas tree, rest of building seems dark. My drone scopes the perimeter, nothing. The Elf scales to the roof. I follow, but she is fast. I get there and she is already at the roof access door. She starts to open it. I stop her. Tripwire. Before I can say anything she has a knife out and cuts the wire.



I get up, dust myself off. Amateur. looks like we found an IED could have been deadly, but it wasn’t. So much for stealth. We head down the stairwells.

Bottom floor 2 guards. Our decker informs us he has engaged a spider. The fire-fight is short and deadly. both guards taken out. Me and elf continue into the chop shop, Collateral has chased off the spider. Two points of entry. We breach together and find no resistance.

An incubator type set up. That’s what lit up my thermographics. Five zoned out junkies waving back and forth around the perimeter of the room. One lying on the floor convulsing. Collateral tells us that’s his work. He changed their BTL streams to happy happy joy joy land. They are no longer a threat. I look to the centre of the room.

My god what is that. It looks like some sort of Lilac of flesh coming from the torso of a humanoid on the table. I call it a Blood eagle and the elf girl speaks up finally. Her name is Valkyrie. Guess it took a Norse reference before she trusted me, like my name wasn’t enough.

I circle the room, shotgun trained on the blood eagle. It moves and tracks me. This is the mad magical bioware experiment The Zulu told us about. it has to be destroyed. It consumes the host. Collateral wires up the room. Gonna burn this place down. make it look like an electric fire. Me and the Elf drag the catatonics out of the clinic. If they are like the trolls from the junk yard they are controlled by the BTLs. Valkyrie notes recent surgery at the base of there skulls. Cortex bombs. Well, we don’t know what triggers it, but sure as hell can’t leave em in the clinic when we raze it .They are junkies not soldiers and they don’t deserve this.

Collateral is ready to raze the joint, but last step, he checks the terminal in the room. It had a live feed of the room sending to the matrix, Dammit. that should have been point one on the list when we entered. Lucky I am wearing my gas mask. No one will see my face.

the dwarf scorches the terminal. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM…6 cortex bombs go off in sequence. Well, we tried. Nothing left here. I put 3 slugs into the blood eagle, and Collateral torches the joint.

I walk back to the union. The job is done. I get paid.

October 26a, 2075 Rummaging through the Junkyard.
Viking and crew get a job

So we left off ready to meet a fixer at the Union. Couple hours go by, i keep the Soy-Whis to a minimum, i need to be sharp for this. Couple regulars pop in, and chat up the bartender, Cherry Bomb, damn those elves just don’t age do they? A few minutes before 6pm, a Dwarf named Bumps comes in, met him a few times over the past few weeks here, he sits down, says hi. I nod, and keep watching. Ten after that, Jen Arrives, she grabs a booth and Bumps head over immediately. I don’t like to tip my hand so quick, so i keep watching. Message I got said it would be a team of three. Bumps and me makes two so I wait, Right on the buzzer some street kid elf walks in. My god, is this the third? He couldn’t look more out of place. “Roll me” pinned right to his fuckin forehead as he stares at a commlink, looking to make a match with his fixer. He notes Jen, and heads over. I shoot back the last of my Soy-whis. Damn that stuff is rank. I miss the good days. Days where I got the real stuff. oh well.

I am sitting at the table now. I know Bumps. Or at least I have chatted with him before, had no idea he was in the game. This other freak,Ohaga, has me a bit worried. Jen goes over the job. I don’t care what it is, I need cash. It’s to knock out some chop shop. Not bikes, but organs. I have no problems with that. Wetworks, make a statement. I can do it, I did it before for the SAS. After some haggling we set on a price. Its fair, will keep me going a month or so, maybe I can even get a used bike or something so I don’t have to walk everywhere. I hope one of these fucks has a car.

So the low down. Some guy in a suit, his name is not important, I just call him The Zulu, 7 foot tall, carries a spear, got the picture? Anyway’s he is poking around, might be a lead to find this chop shop. We leave the union and head to Fred’s

Fred’s is a cafe around the corner. I like it. The owner, JR, see’s me and comes for our orders. I give him 25 nuyen and order Turkish coffee. He smirks. That’s our code for leave me the fuck alone. He knows it, used it before. He brings me some soy crap and makes sure no one else is seated near us. We talk. need to do some digging, its 7:30pm now, we plan to meet back here at 10pm with our findings, I give my contact info out to these guys. Never would have done that two years ago. Different times.

Fast forward to 10pm. We share info. Ohaga turns out to actually be useful. Got us some info on The Zulu through his seedy contacts. Guess The Zulu is trying to hire some muscle and now we know where. He has a meeting at a junk yard, ‘bout an hour deeper into the Barrens. Gonna hire him some Halloweener muscle. We ain’t sure why but he is our best lead to find this chop shop. I found out a bit too. Nothing that makes the mission, but stuff that saves your soul. this chop shop is an evil place, I feel better about the job now.

The Zulu going to be at this junkyard at midnight. we are gonna be there first. What? not one of these fucks has a car either. Dammit. I go get my rucksac and tell em to jack us a car. I get back and Bumps has us some old piece of shit, but it moves, so we take it.

The junk-yard isn’t a junk-yard as we thought. Its an old exposed underground parkade missing its levels and with trash heaved into it. More like a filth pit, and like rats, hobos and riff raff and scattered all around the perimeter of it. Ohaga surprises me again, he is a shaman. Should have guessed, not many of them are right in the head. He scouts the place. Finds a dead zone in the centre with some sort of astral anchor. Sounds like trouble. Bumps has his feet on the ground, as I link my eye in the sky to his commlink.

Bumps is set, Ohaga and I head into the tent town, I find a hobo and trick to drink himself out and take his flea infested trench coat. I should feel bad. I don’t. I give Ohaga the empty moonshine bottle and let him go astral in the hobo’s box. I watch the maze.


Some Halloweeners and The Zulu walk past, we decide we wanna know who they are here for. Thought he was here for the Halloweeners, but they already are with him. Who is the other party. The Zulu makes his way to meet 3 forms in the centre. I follow. Warn Bumps to give me some room, I got a surprise. Ohaga comes too and follows. apparently that magical anchor is active. He tells me we should find out what these guys are up to, It’s a good idea. so we wait. some guy named Hans with 2 zombified trolls meets The Zulu. They chat. Ohaga reminds us we had some intel on Hans, but still don’t know how he fits in. I put my gasmask on.

Surprises come in small packages. I roll a neuro-toxin stun grande straight to the middle of the meet. Ohaga yelps as a flame spirit erupts simultaneous. the grenade rolls to its mark, all the ‘weeners go down in an instant, The Zulu and Hans don’t look to great either. Those two trolls look un-phased and angry.

A short fight ensures. Ohaga takes care of the spirirt, I am glad I was wrong about this elf. Bumps and I get the 2 trolls down, the later one in my face, but my shotgun barrel is pressed into his chest. Hans is down, didn’t see how? Assume it was Bumps. I walk up and grab The Zulu.

We have questions, he better have answers.

October 26, 2075 A new runner enters the game
Viking joins the shadows.

It’s been a long day, sitting at the Union drinking my soy-whiskey, looking at my beat up and scabbed knuckles while holding the cheap plastic glass, wondering how I got here. It was only a few years back I was on an elite SAS team, doing black ops to make the world a safer place, now I am halfway across the world and can’t even hold down a job at the Seattle docks hauling cargo around. At least this last job lasted me a few months. Even made a good friend over there, Don, to bad he couldn’t do anything about saving my fate there. I sealed that myself when I blacked out one night and came too with two on my co-workers beaten senseless and blood all over my fists. I keep telling myself they must have done something to deserve being beaten within an inch of their lives. I have to believe that. I am not a monster.

That was last week and this is this week. I got 416 Nuyen to my name and some flea ridden rat trap apartment around the corner I was smart enough to pre-pay for a few months. I need money. I got a kid, a daughter, If I am lucky I get to spend an hour with her every few weeks, her Mom hates me, I don’t blame her, she had no idea what she was marrying when she married an SAS solider. She had no idea just how fragile the human mind could be and how much I would change when the service augmented my body slowly seperating my soul from this worldly flesh. Some Ops went bad too and when the PTSD hit me like a freight train, she couldn’t handle the nightmares and black outs, and I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to her or little Natasha during one of these episodes. She showed me the door, and I left knowing it was for the best. I don’t deserve a quiet life in a nice gated community with a loving family, not after all the things I have done in the name of my country, not after the things I have seen and more importantly, choose not to see.

I need money, the soy-whiskey must have me repeating myself. I put out some feelers to some people in the hood I know, they hooked me up to some low level fixer, Jen Quick, she can get guys like me, guys with no real skills besides…well you know…some cash, so I can live, so I can see my daughter for another hour in 2 weeks, so I can try to piece my shattered life back together. Then again, guys like me never do get out of tis black hole. But dammit if I don’t try.

I’m on my second Soy-Whis when my commlink chirps. Its Jen. She says she has a job, it pays so I didn’t ask for details, I am in. I am to meet my new team 6pm.

By 7pm I am a new man, I am Viking and I am a Shadowrunner.


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