Shadowrun: Fistful of Nuyen

October 26a, 2075 Rummaging through the Junkyard.

Viking and crew get a job

So we left off ready to meet a fixer at the Union. Couple hours go by, i keep the Soy-Whis to a minimum, i need to be sharp for this. Couple regulars pop in, and chat up the bartender, Cherry Bomb, damn those elves just don’t age do they? A few minutes before 6pm, a Dwarf named Bumps comes in, met him a few times over the past few weeks here, he sits down, says hi. I nod, and keep watching. Ten after that, Jen Arrives, she grabs a booth and Bumps head over immediately. I don’t like to tip my hand so quick, so i keep watching. Message I got said it would be a team of three. Bumps and me makes two so I wait, Right on the buzzer some street kid elf walks in. My god, is this the third? He couldn’t look more out of place. “Roll me” pinned right to his fuckin forehead as he stares at a commlink, looking to make a match with his fixer. He notes Jen, and heads over. I shoot back the last of my Soy-whis. Damn that stuff is rank. I miss the good days. Days where I got the real stuff. oh well.

I am sitting at the table now. I know Bumps. Or at least I have chatted with him before, had no idea he was in the game. This other freak,Ohaga, has me a bit worried. Jen goes over the job. I don’t care what it is, I need cash. It’s to knock out some chop shop. Not bikes, but organs. I have no problems with that. Wetworks, make a statement. I can do it, I did it before for the SAS. After some haggling we set on a price. Its fair, will keep me going a month or so, maybe I can even get a used bike or something so I don’t have to walk everywhere. I hope one of these fucks has a car.

So the low down. Some guy in a suit, his name is not important, I just call him The Zulu, 7 foot tall, carries a spear, got the picture? Anyway’s he is poking around, might be a lead to find this chop shop. We leave the union and head to Fred’s

Fred’s is a cafe around the corner. I like it. The owner, JR, see’s me and comes for our orders. I give him 25 nuyen and order Turkish coffee. He smirks. That’s our code for leave me the fuck alone. He knows it, used it before. He brings me some soy crap and makes sure no one else is seated near us. We talk. need to do some digging, its 7:30pm now, we plan to meet back here at 10pm with our findings, I give my contact info out to these guys. Never would have done that two years ago. Different times.

Fast forward to 10pm. We share info. Ohaga turns out to actually be useful. Got us some info on The Zulu through his seedy contacts. Guess The Zulu is trying to hire some muscle and now we know where. He has a meeting at a junk yard, ‘bout an hour deeper into the Barrens. Gonna hire him some Halloweener muscle. We ain’t sure why but he is our best lead to find this chop shop. I found out a bit too. Nothing that makes the mission, but stuff that saves your soul. this chop shop is an evil place, I feel better about the job now.

The Zulu going to be at this junkyard at midnight. we are gonna be there first. What? not one of these fucks has a car either. Dammit. I go get my rucksac and tell em to jack us a car. I get back and Bumps has us some old piece of shit, but it moves, so we take it.

The junk-yard isn’t a junk-yard as we thought. Its an old exposed underground parkade missing its levels and with trash heaved into it. More like a filth pit, and like rats, hobos and riff raff and scattered all around the perimeter of it. Ohaga surprises me again, he is a shaman. Should have guessed, not many of them are right in the head. He scouts the place. Finds a dead zone in the centre with some sort of astral anchor. Sounds like trouble. Bumps has his feet on the ground, as I link my eye in the sky to his commlink.

Bumps is set, Ohaga and I head into the tent town, I find a hobo and trick to drink himself out and take his flea infested trench coat. I should feel bad. I don’t. I give Ohaga the empty moonshine bottle and let him go astral in the hobo’s box. I watch the maze.


Some Halloweeners and The Zulu walk past, we decide we wanna know who they are here for. Thought he was here for the Halloweeners, but they already are with him. Who is the other party. The Zulu makes his way to meet 3 forms in the centre. I follow. Warn Bumps to give me some room, I got a surprise. Ohaga comes too and follows. apparently that magical anchor is active. He tells me we should find out what these guys are up to, It’s a good idea. so we wait. some guy named Hans with 2 zombified trolls meets The Zulu. They chat. Ohaga reminds us we had some intel on Hans, but still don’t know how he fits in. I put my gasmask on.

Surprises come in small packages. I roll a neuro-toxin stun grande straight to the middle of the meet. Ohaga yelps as a flame spirit erupts simultaneous. the grenade rolls to its mark, all the ‘weeners go down in an instant, The Zulu and Hans don’t look to great either. Those two trolls look un-phased and angry.

A short fight ensures. Ohaga takes care of the spirirt, I am glad I was wrong about this elf. Bumps and I get the 2 trolls down, the later one in my face, but my shotgun barrel is pressed into his chest. Hans is down, didn’t see how? Assume it was Bumps. I walk up and grab The Zulu.

We have questions, he better have answers.



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