Shadowrun: Fistful of Nuyen

October 29 - Short notice Wetworks

Viking, Collateral and Chickenstomp

Got a buzz from Jen. She had some fast creds for us, but mission had to be done tonight. Met her at the union. Collateral walked in, ran with him a few days ago, it went well. A huge troll walks in too, Chickenstomp the jury is out on this one.

Jen hires us to do some wetworks. Some Brazllian named Ral Bastistae has to die. I ask why and get told not to ask. So he dies tonight, but not until he makes some conference call from a corporate office down town tonight at midnight. That’s the deal. We get paid 3000 Nuyen each plus 5000 more to split if we get his commlink. Life is cheap.

We have his itinerary. He makes the call at midnight, about 1am he heads to the parkade with his escort and drives from down-town Seattle to the outskirts of town, to Tiger Transit’s private airstrip.

We only get one shot at him, and with the team Jen scrambled together on short notice. we decide to take him out at the parkade.

I get there first, find a blind spot to the exterior cameras and park my bike. Send my little drone out for a tour. Couple rent-a-cops on the main level lobby. 3 level atrium. Offices above, 30 stories of them. I find the side door as Collateral and Chickenstomp arrive.

Collateral picks the lock and we go down to P1. I get a dumb idea. I’ll walk around the parkade in my suit pretending I am chatting on a commlink and idling wandering around. Dumb idea. Doesn’t work. one of the Rent-a-cops from upstairs comes to investigate. Even dumber idea, Chickenstomp clocks him to next week.

We grab his RFID’s and commlink, zip tie and dispose of the unconscious guard outside in a dumpster. HE will be fine, but this will not go unnoticed. So much for scouting the parkade. I send out my drone again. I hope the building doesn’t have a spider active, I ain’t no rigger, just some guy with a commlink and a bug drone.

Second floor, There is the the get away car, and a driver. Smoking and bored, playing angry birds or something on his commlink.

Third floor, empty

Fourth Floor, Empty

Fifth Floor, unmarked van. This is likely the security detail we were warned about. No life signs about, so Collateral takes care of the van for us. Bricks it. They shouldn’t be able to respond quick.

I head to the second floor, sneak between the cameras and get as close to the driver as I can.

Chickenstomp goes upstairs, this one is about as subtle as the titanic in harbour. He clocks the second security guard and comes back down. At least no one is watching the cameras.

Collateral has snuck back up to the second floor now, he is opposite of me and the driver. He whistles, the guard looks, I roll in a Neuro-stun grenade. Surprise.

ZZZZ Guard is out. I put my balaclava on and assume the guards position. My back to the camera, if anyone looks they shouldn’t be able to tell the diff at a glance.

30 minutes buzz by. The other two are camped by the elevator. They are going to make spaghetti of anyone in elevator with a frag grenade.

12:48, the elevator is coming down. I hope its him, because Chickenstomp doesn’t bother to look and as soon as the doors open rolls the frag in.

I turn to face with my Franchi-Spas out and ready. We are to slow. A blur emerges from the elevator as the ’nade rolls in. Hand spurs pop out and he streaks at me screaming “Assassins!” He is on me before I can blink, I back pedal and the old training takes over, I dodge his swipe.

The grenade goes off, his security detail wasn’t as fast and are spaghetti. Collateral fires into Ral’s back with his shotgun. He hits but the Brazilian swipes at me again, this time I manage to level my shotgun on him first. I unload a burst into his chest. He staggers back a bit, then finishes his follow up swipe at me. I manage to use the parkade column as cover to block the attack.

A few more tense seconds go by and 3 on 1. We put Ral down. I am fine. We are all fine. I grab the commlink and start the sedan. We all pile in and I get us street side. Job is done, we split up and meet back at the union.

Get paid. Finally making some headway, might have enough creds to pay rent even. Wonder what that Brazilian did to deserve tonight…



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